A Digital Detox is a designated period of time where people stop using their digital devices, like smartphones, laptops and tablets. The benefits of digitally detoxing have been widely researched, and include reducing stress and anxiety, strengthening relationships with family and friends and increased creativity. 

We have been running weekend retreats in Dunderry Park in aid of The Oaktree Charitable Trust, since March 2015, and we're excited to announce that we're now offering day courses at a reduced cost. 


Our workshops are held in the beautiful  Dunderry Park, just 45 minutes from Dublin. 

The day begins with a short talk on the benefits of digitally detoxing and some helpful tips on detoxing at home, before everyone puts their devices away for the day or weekend. We provide a landline for any emergency phone calls, but otherwise we discourage all digital technology for the weekend, so people can fully switch off! 

We then enter into the activity portion of the day or weekend, all of which are designed to increase creativity, encourage human connection and provide you with the skills to detox when you're back at home. There is plenty of time for reflection, relaxing, writing, nature walks and tea and chats. 

Activities include: Storytelling, Mindfulness, Laughter Yoga, Morning Yoga, Archery, Mandala Making, Gong Baths, Falconry, Nature Walks, Foraging, Drumming, Baking and more!


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