Angie Kinsella

Angie Kinsella from ‘Yoga Way’ is a practicing yoga Teacher & Holistic Therapist.  Angie enjoys living closely with nature by growing her own food and plant medicines. She strongly believes that if we learn to connect with Nature & learn to observe our natural environments we become more in tune with ourselves and begin to notice the inter-connections. Angie also teaches Practical Sustainability & Permaculture in Schools & adult based workshops & is passionate about the environment. Welcoming students to step out into nature whenever possible. Angie truly believes this is a practical and powerful way in reducing everyday stress and anxieties.

Her workshops include a diverse range of practices from a deep yet kind and restorative Yoga Practice often with a dash of laughter to keep things light, chi gung, Sensory & Nature based meditations, Loving Kindness & Gratitude Practice, Mindfulness, Practical tips on boosting health and reducing stress levels, grounding techniques, self-massage and acupressure. Always welcoming a sense of self-empowerment throughout her workshops. 

Angie continually encourages participants to meet themselves with kindness & gratitude. To recognise ones uniqueness and making changes one steady step at a time.Whenever possible Angie will bring workshops groups outside to connect to the elements within nature and their surroundings.

Angie is based in Co. Wicklow but facilitates workshops nationwide and abroad.

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Soda Bread Box provides a space where people can live out the old adage that says to 'dance as if no one is watching'. It is a 1 hour dance event, free of alcohol, which takes place in a very dimly lit room. It is bright enough to see silhouettes of people around you, and dark enough so that you can dance without inhibitions or judgement. Soda Bread Box is not about being a “good” dancer, it’s about the feeling of letting loose and dancing freely and as your body desires. The atmosphere is friendly and charged with the energy of the dancers. We play all kinds of music - anything you can swing your body or move your feet to - pop, house, electronic, funk and soul. 

People of all ages and backgrounds come to Soda Bread Box for a multitude of reasons - to dance freely and express oneself, stress-relief, to meet people, to get a sweat on and simply for a fun alcohol free alternative.

There is no dress code but we advise people to wear something light and comfortable as it does get warm.